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Yohannes Artinyan - Art projects


In fact I do not have a “general” art concept. I think there is no sense to make the same things in different situations and context. I react according to place, time and environment. Revising the projects I have realized the last 15 years the only common thing I can find between them is my willing to use as simple as possible means of expressions.

The porfolio of Yohannes Artinyan site

It is not a presentational portfolio. Thus you would hardly find an art work that is shown in its entirety. It is rather my present feeling about the art works I have made.

Yohannes Artinyan Personal data:

Born on May 5, 1965, Plovdiv. Bulgaria.

Yohannes Artinyan - Education:

1995 M.A. - National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, Department of Sculpture 
1994 The Concept - specialized course of Prof. Vassil Simidtchiev, professor in Academy KONFAC, Stockholm, Sweden.
1984 High School of Fine Arts, Plovdiv.

Visual Art activities of Yohannes Artinyan

Selected one-man show:

2006 Novi Sad, Serbia.
2002 Sidon, Lebanon.
2001, 2000, 1998 Frankfurt/M, Germany.
1995 Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Projects as a member of 7+1 Art group - Yohannes Artinyan

2001. Sofia. The Napkin.
2000. Plovdiv. Underground Filter.
2000. Varna. 12 Hours.
2000. Varna. BLUR.
2000. Plovdiv. BLUR.
2000. Sofia. Membrane.
2000. Plovdiv. A Memory Analysis.
1999. Ilindentsi. Something Down Up There.
1999. Varna. A Bar.
1999. Zlatograd. Water – Air.
1998. Pernik. Filter.
1998. Momchilovtsi. A Barrier – Verticals.
1998. Sofia. Two Realities.
1998. Plovdiv. Mikado.
1997. Sofia. The Ark.

Yohannes Artinyan Selected group exhibitions:

2007. Belgrade, Serbia.
2007 - 2004. Plovdiv. Week of contemporary art.
2002. Sofia. National exhibitions Sculpture.
2000. Sofia. National Architecture Review.
1999. Plovdiv. Communication Front.
1999. Plovdiv. The Alternative Gallery of the '90.
1997. Sofia. From the object to the square.
1997. Sofia. Ata-ray.
1996. Osaka, Japan. OSAKA TRIENNIAL.
1996. Plovdiv. International exhibition and workshop.
1995. Sofia. International Autumn Salon.
1994. Sofia. Reference point in the abstract.
1994. Sofia. The Nail.
1994. Sofia. Action: The Concept.

Yohannes Artinyan Web design projects:

Yohannes Artinyan Art Awards:

2002 Diploma of National exhibitions Sculpture.
2000 Diploma of National Architecture Review.
1998 - 1996 Award of the Union of Plovdiv Artists for Sculpture.
1995 Award of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists for Sculpture.
1994 - 1992 National Academic Foundation Prize for Fine Arts.
1993 Fellowship for Sculpture of National Academy of Fine Arts.

Yohannes Artinyan Address:

Yohannes Artinyan
12A Petko Karavelov Str.
4000 Plovdiv. Bulgaria